The Forgotten Battalion Clan

<T|F|B> The Forgotten Battalion

Welcome to our Website!

Our Medal of Honor Spearhead IP is Hope to shoot ya soon!

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We are an American gaming clan founded by <T|F|B>The Shadow on February 12, 2015. We started out on Medal of Honor Spearhead as our clan has roots back to the server The Dogg Pound {Dogg.P}.  Our server plays various game-types, and is currently running Team Deathmatch (TDM). We have also run the Liberation Mod by ^SoRrIdStRoKeR^, Freeze-Tag games, and other mods such as Coop Campaign. This is a cheat free server! We usually meet once a week Saturday around 6PM EST, come and visit us sometime! 

*** Check out our downloads on the right for throwing axes, player skins, and more! ***